The Reserve List

THE RESERVE LIST is the new way to request something custom from Samantha!


Jewelry is often viewed as art. With that being said, artists have creative license as they design their pieces, creating them as they best see fit, depending on their own interpretation as well as their expert knowledge of how the materials they are using work. 

(If what you are looking for doesn’t have any wiggle room regarding the design, you may find jewelry customization options better suited for you elsewhere.)



The Reserve List allows you to guide Samantha in the creative process. 


Get creative! Keep in mind it must fit within Samantha’s scope for these projects–think: the hammered, all-metal looks in our Classic pieces, and/or integrated designs that represent our nerdy obsessions from our Limited Edition (don’t forget, you could also incorporate stamping!)


There will be a rotating selection of stones from Samantha’s private stash available to reserve for your design, if there is a stone involved in your request. But please be aware, multiple people can request the same stone. You may also opt to have additional stones added in the design - the sky is the limit! 


There is no commitment to this piece on your part; you are not committed to buying it once it is complete if you no longer want it. Therefore, there is no deposit involved and that means you get to place this request without pressure! 

(Be mindful of not flooding Samantha’s workshop with too many design requests, as each day has only 24 hours and Samantha will only have time to create so many of these a year amidst all the rest of her other creations.) 


There is no specific delivery date and there are no updates about it to you, or on social media while it is in progress. Samantha will take great care in designing and creating each piece in absolute secrecy. The entire process will take exactly as long as it needs, no more no less.


When the piece is complete, (Samantha will be in touch with you), you will have a fortnight to decide if it makes you swoon and you need to have it in your life. It will be reserved, just for you, while you decide. During that time, we will compile the photography and videos of the creation of the piece. Only after you decide to purchase it or not, will the design be released publicly. If you choose not to purchase the piece, it will be moved to the glass case, at an increased price. 


The designs Samantha will make from the Reserve List will not be recreated. They will be one of a kind. Like the One Ring, the Resurrection Stone, and the 1996 World Champion card from Magic: the Gathering, all Samantha’s creations here will be special. 


Are you ready to join the coveted Reserve List?

(The list does not move chronologically. Overall, the lower the number in queue, the higher your odds of becoming one of the chosen.)

(When its open, there will be a link here to fill out your reserve list request.)