Happy September! 🍂 August Recap

Happy September! 🍂 August Recap

Hello everyone and happy almost fal!! 🍂 Looking forward brings to mind images of sunset-colored foliage, cooler weather (hopefully soon), and my birthday! But that would be getting ahead of myself a bit, haha. Let’s take a look back now at August.

This past month enriched my life with the beauty of nature! 

Earlier in the month, I participated in the Toro Nagashi Festival that was held on August 11th at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. And let me tell you, it was so magical in this picturesque setting. ✨🌸 I also had the joy of meeting and connecting with so many wonderful people there and had great conversations that made the day even more special; it was a lovely reminder of why I wholeheartedly pursue my passion. You should read about the Toro Nagashi custom and its significance in Japanese culture on this pop-japan website. 🇯🇵

Toward the end of the month, I went to Alaska for a week on vacation, and I was enraptured by the magnificent nature there. I miss being there! While the purpose of the trip was vacation, I, of course, still devoted some of my time there to work. I hosted a Treasure Hunt in Denali National Park! If you have not been there, and if you appreciate nature, I strongly suggest that you add it to your travel list, because OH MY GOODNESS, it was unbelievably stunning. This was my 7th Treasure Hunt, and the hidden treasure this time was a sterling silver money clip. This cool piece is smooth and solid, and features a silhouette of mountains with a setting sun on one side. It was found by someone on the same day! 😃I’m always so glad when the lucky finder messages me about it! 👏

Aside from my joyous explorations in gardens and wild nature this past month, there were a few restocks, a few surprise releases, some collection updates, and a spa event!

In the middle of the month was Bokujoy’s Friendship Foot Festival, which is basically a spa day for your feet! It was a great day in a lovely setting, and included luxurious foot soaks and foot massages, live music by Fast Heart Mart, fabulous food, and local artisans. 

Jewelry releases this month:
🍬One of them was extra exciting for gemstone lovers: Candy Gemstone Stacker rings! These are part of Jackee’s Collection, and while there is a rotating set of rings, featuring various gemstones, ready to ship, you also have the opportunity to create your own! You can mix and match metals and gemstones (from a large collection) to design your own perfect ring stack.
🌬️Another piece was a golden bar necklace in the classic collection style, featuring a dandelion puff blowing about in the wind, ready to make your wishes come true. 😉
🤘The heavy metal flower ring was also released! This is a thick sterling silver band, solid and bold, with a sterling silver and 14k gold metal flower sitting on top.

Several favorites in the Classic Collection got restocked in the middle of the month, to many people’s delight, along with an announcement of a slight update to my collections and how they will work moving forward. The Classic Collection will continue to get restocked regularly throughout the year. ❣️ Jackee’s Collection will have new pieces added to it randomly throughout the year, and they will mostly be one-off pieces. 💎 (An exception to this in Jackee’s Collection are the Candy Gemstone Stackers.) The releases in the Limited Edition Collection will be available for a finite time and/or until they are sold out. 🔥BUT–YOU will have the power to bring a design back by casting a vote for your favorite! In January, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on the designs released the year prior, and the top 3 will make a comeback for the current year. 🎉

As the month was coming to a close, (which was right after my time in Alaska), and new design ideas were already swirling around in my mind, I was inspired by the memories of my glorious surroundings in Alaska to make a new collection around that! So, the new set, ALASKA MEMORIES, will be coming to you on my birthday, September 28! 🌟     

I made a design board showing what’s to come in that collection and it was posted on my Instagram (on September 1st) for you to take a look and get excited with me!

See you next month! 👋

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