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WELCOME to San Diego treasure hunts! Whether you’ve stumbled here out of curiosity, or to shed light on your questions, you’re going to be SO happy you’re here.


Location: San Diego, CA

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Treasure Hunt #1: 3/4/23 - Vista Farmers Market, San Diego:
Rebel Alliance Split necklace - FOUND

Treasure Hunt #2: 3/5/23 - Universal Studios Hollywood, Super Nintendo World:
Mario 1-up mushroom token - FOUND

Treasure Hunt #3: 3/18/23 - Anime Impulse, Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego:
Kodama pocket charm - FOUND 

Treasure Hunt #4: 5/22/23 - Linq Promenade, Las Vegas, NV:
Miniature die - Found? (I was never contacted, though it disappeared.)

Treasure Hunt #5: 6/10/23 - Game of Shrooms! San Diego, CA:
Eat Me shroom necklace, Twisted shroom ring, Mario 1-up mushroom token - FOUND

Treasure Hunt #6.1: 7/19/23 - (Comic Con) Little Italy, San Diego, CA: Mario 1-up mushroom token -  Found? (I was never contacted, though it disappeared.)

Treasure Hunt #6.2: 7/22/23 - (Comic Con) Broadway Pier, San Diego, CA: Pixel heart keychain - FOUND

Treasure #6.3: 7/23/23 - (Comic Con) Rady Shell, San Diego CA: Harley's diamond pendant - FOUND

Treasure #7: 8/27/2023 - Denali, Alaska: Mountain Money Clip - FOUND

What’s a Treasure Hunt? 

— A Treasure Hunt is where you go look for the Hidden Treasures that Samantha creates! They will be shared on Instagram if you would like to join in on the hunt.


What IS a Hidden Treasure?

— It’s a special collection of pieces that Samantha creates and hides in the real world! The designs may or not be made again, but most will be First of Firsts! Not everything will be jewelry, either. They might be trinkets, tokens, or amulets. 


But, WHY?

— Soon, all will be revealed!.. (in a longer form YouTube video).


Can I just buy a Hidden Treasure?

— Unfortunately Hidden Treasures are not a part of Samantha’s regular jewelry line. The hidden treasures (AND the treasure chest they come in) are collectibles! Sometimes the Hidden Treasures may become a purchasable collection at a later date.. So keep your eyes peeled!

You should definitely hold onto the both pieces of treasure for the future, as there *may* be an opportunity to trade ;)


I want to watch Samantha make the Hidden Treasures/paint the chests!

— You will be able to, soon enough! We’re working diligently to setup the Twitch channel (you can follow the channel now! @sammidulay) and YouTube so that we can share more of the creation process with you, in real time!


Tell me about the treasure chest!

— Samantha collaborated with a friend to make 3D printed treasure chests, that she then hand painted with pain staking detail. Each treasure chest is a tiny work of art in itself, we can’t wait for YOU to get your hands on one! 



Interested in co-hosting a Treasure Hunt? Let’s make someone smile!