LOTS of changes!

LOTS of changes!

Besides following my instagram, emails, or other ways to keep up with me, I decided I needed a general newsletter on my website to keep you up to date with the latest changes! 

In case you missed it, my newest biggest goal that I’ve set my eyes on, is COMIC CON! I want to be THE San Diego Comic Con jeweler (and how perfect is it with my new logo and initials?!) Among other fun things I will announce next year, I want to focus on making little treasures for the big kid in you! Nerdy! Pop-culturey! Snarky! Nostalgic! For my rebrand at the market I emailed all of my clients from the last 13 years, texted my VIPs, posted all over the internet and even called the news (apparently I needed to do this sooner, they didn’t come). We had a GRAND REBRAND and the curtain opening to my newly designed booth was welcomed by an applause. It was wonderful! 

I know lots of people were worried about my overall style changing, but not to worry! Hammered pieces are staying, and bangles aren’t leaving. Some things may become seasonal to make room for even more creativity. It’s more of a move back to the roots of why I started my business back in 2010. I wanted to make fun jewelry that I enjoy wearing and creating for others. Yes, I did that, but over time that creativity fell to the wayside and I began getting stuck in the conundrum of needing custom orders to stay afloat, all while trying to maintain an impossible amount of ready to purchase inventory (then having all my money tied up in said unsold inventory).

The problem? Mass production sucks. Customs are all fun and good, most jewelers will tell you that.. but where we really shine and enjoy our craft is when we truly get to stretch our wings and be our most creative! Customs are still mostly based on what the client wants, not what the artist wants to create. We’re aiming to change that narrative. Now that the business is turning 13, it’s time to have fun. Customs aren’t exactly gone forever. You’ll hear more about this next year.

The other biggest change is that personalization (classic collection) is offered as a flat fee rather than annoyingly needing to count letters. Woohoo! 

Another big change, I’m no longer offering repairs other than on my own jewelry. Sorry about that! Depending on what you need done, I may be able to refer you to someone else.

For our newest pieces that are part of the Limited Edition Collection, these pieces can be preordered and are to be picked up later. Customization is available as specifiedThe FIRST First editions are available only by request and availability.

You'll also notice that we are slowly making the change over to solid 14k gold. Eventually, gold filled will be a thing of the past. This has always been the plan to go in this direction, however supply chain issues with raw material quality has hastened this change. 

The website and instagram are continually in the works, updating and changing, so keep a close eye on it. Some of it I do myself, other parts are done by others. I also have a whole team behind me now, thankfully! Everything has fallen together at the right time with the right people, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Can’t wait to show you all the things I have planned for the new few years (boy, that sounds as advantageous as a certain movie studio! ;))

💚Love you all 

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