The First December After The Grand Rebrand

The First December After The Grand Rebrand

As you know, it all started out innocently enough with gigantic goals and a whole lot of energy! But as I moved through December and moved through supply chain and shipping issues, it did occur to me that I bit off possibly much more than I could chew. The Holiday Hustle idea was great, but I relied too much on timely shipments - which, if judging by the last 6-12 months was any indicator, I should have known this was probably an impossible goal. Unfortunately the supply chain issues have not ended with the holidays. 

I definitely learned just how many new designs and pieces I can possibly create in a matter of weeks. I learned how to pivot quickly and have a few backup designs. In the end, I needed a better plan. I did take the time I needed to breathe, as the holidays are always an emotional time. I didn’t work nearly as many crazy hours, (except for the one night before the rebrand when I pulled an all nighter) and I didn’t get super stressed. The issues I was having were out of my control, and I finally am accepting that with this rebrand. 

The good news, I do have some stuff rolling in finally to finish some designs. I will have a LOT of fresh designs for spring! At the moment, I’m in the process of working on a calendar of when releases will drop.

As you also may know, I am no longer at the Pacific Beach market. You may see me make a special guest appearance in Springtime when the weather is better.. I’ll keep you posted! I do still have a large amount of clientele in PB though, so I’ll be there as a shopper and am happy to deliver orders as well. 

My current agenda these next couple weeks are to get all of my applications into the Conventions and indoor events for the year and building out my master schedule. In addition to that I’ve been working heavily on my website, and will be soon starting my Twitch channel and Patreon! (Twitch channel will be @sammidulay if you want to follow NOW you’ll be the first to know when I go live!) 

There’s going to be lots of changes again after the new year, all for the better! Keep your eyes on here and social media for more updates along the way.

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