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Samantha Dulay Designs

Hex Rings

Hex Rings

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As of 12/6/23, these are currently in stock at the booth!

Due to sizing issues, hex rings will be sold only in the booth for the time being. Please visit our events page to see where Samantha will be next! (Once the sizing method for these rings is standardized, they will be available for ordering through the website.)

You guessed it–the hex ring has 6 sides! For those of you that have an affinity for lines and angles more than for circles and curves, this is the ring you will be drawn to. This sterling silver ring sits just right and so comfortably with all those smooth angles and has our classic hammered finish. 

Ring is .925 sterling silver. Click here to learn about the different metals used to make this ring. Ring measures approximately 1/4" wide

Due to the gammered nature of these rings, each may vary, ever so slightly. That said, you can rest assured that you will receive a true artisan piece of jewelry!




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