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Sailor Moon “Moon Stick” Necklace

Sailor Moon “Moon Stick” Necklace

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This is no mere trinket—this is the powerful and beautiful Moon Stick, wielded bravely by the champion of love and justice, Sailor Moon! 🌛

The Moon Stick is sterling silver with 14k-gold bezels, hangs on a 17” chain, and comes in two variations: one with two gemstones and the other with one. Both have a berry Umba sapphire where the wand connects to the moon, and the one with an additional gem has a rainbow moonstone placed above the wand, in the crescent moon. 
(Due to sizing issues, the single gemstone necklace showcases a baby pink sapphire as the stone option). 

The moon sticks will be available to order through the end of April.

All components are .925 sterling silver and 14k gold. Click here to read about the different materials.



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