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Shroom Fairy House D - Dexler's House

Shroom Fairy House D - Dexler's House

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Dexler was a creature of curiosity and adventure, known for his boundless energy and love for exploration, and his wings shimmered with the vibrant colors of twilight.

Dexler's house was a testament to his unique personality. Rather than a traditional abode, he had crafted a series of intricate treehouses among the tallest branches of the ancient trees. At the front of his primary treehouse, Dexler had added a stunning custom-thatched-roof sunroom, which became the centerpiece of his dwelling. This sunroom was a masterful blend of design and nature, with woven walls made from vines and twigs that allowed sunlight to filter in gently.

Dexler had commissioned a stunning yet understated wooden branch doorway that led to an entrance adorned with a 14k gold doorknob, a true masterpiece of woodland craftsmanship. Crafted from the finest timber, the doorway seamlessly melded with the ancient tree's natural contours, as if it had grown there over centuries.

This magical sterling silver pendant is approximately 1" wide and 3/4" high and can be purchased with or without the chain. The tiny doorknob is 14k gold.

This necklace is made from .925 sterling silver and 14k gold. It hangs on a 17” chain and is finished with a lobster claw clasp. Click here to learn about the different metals used to make our jewelry.

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